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CUSP Resources

The CUSP Toolkit

The CUSP Toolkit is available on the AHRQ website. The CUSP Toolkit includes training tools to make care safer by improving the foundation of how your physicians, nurses, and other clinical team members work together. It builds the capacity to address safety issues by combining clinical best practices and the science of safety. Created for clinicians by clinicians, the CUSP Toolkit is modular and modifiable to meet individual unit needs.

The nine CUSP Toolkit modules are:

  • Learn About CUSP: Get an overview of the CUSP model and resources to use when applying CUSP.
  • Assemble the Team: Learn how to identify and engage team members and define roles and responsibilities.
  • Engage the Senior Executive: Find out how to bridge the gap between senior management and frontline providers and remove barriers to implementing improvement projects.
  • Understand the Science of Safety: Learn about workflows in systems, apply principles of safe design, and encourage input of team members.
  • Identify Defects Through Sensemaking: Get tips on how to engage frontline providers in identifying system defects and make sense of root causes.
  • Implement Teamwork and Communication: Apply proven models of effective communication.
  • Apply CUSP: See how CUSP can be applied to diverse care settings and a range of safety issues.
  • The Role of the Nurse Manager: Understand the responsibilities and leadership role of nurse managers in quality and safety improvement initiatives.
  • Spread: Find out how to share, tailor, and implement components of a process that have worked well at the unit level.

The CUSP Boot Camp

On September 20, 2012, the Health Research & Educational Trust hosted a CUSP Boot Camp training meeting in Chicago for hospital teams interested in learning about the CUSP model. Video recordings of training sessions and powerpoint presentations are available below.

Welcome and Introductions
Barb Edson, RN, MBA, MHA, Vice President of Clinical Quality, Health Research & Educational Trust
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Get an overview of the national On the CUSP: STOP BSI initiative and learn about the main goals of the project.

Introducing the CUSP Framework
Pat Posa, RN, BSN, MSA, System Performance Improvement Leader, St. Joseph Mercy Health System
Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Learn the fundamental steps of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) and how to use the CUSP Toolkit.

Assemble the Team
Pat Posa
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
See the importance of implementing CUSP as a team, strategies to use when building a CUSP team, characteristics of successful teams, and barriers to team performance.

Introduction to Engaging the Senior Executive
Pat Posa
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Identify ways of engaging a senior executive, the responsibilities of a senior executive, and understand his or her role throughout the project.

Hospital Success Story: Ozarks Medical Center
Mary Fine, RNBC, QMHP, SANE, Project Leader and Director of Quality, Ozarks Medical Center
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Hear about a real-life example of a CUSP team, their lessons learned, strategies to overcome barriers, and how to sustain the gains made throughout the initiative.

Understand the Science of Safety | Identify Defects through Sensemaking | Implement Teamwork and Communication
Della Lin, MD, Staff Anesthesiologist, The Queen’s Medical Center, Senior Fellow in Patient Safety and Health Systems Engineering, Estes Park Institute
Video #1 (.mp4)Video #2 (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Learn the context of the Science of Safety, the principles of safe design, and how system design affects system results. Walk through the process of learning from a defect and identify the questions that a team needs to ask to successfully make sense of the defect. Understand the framework to successfully engage, motivate, and sustain the participation of your CUSP team.

The New Jersey Experience
Morris Cohen, MD, Director of Neonatal Medicine, Children’s Hospital of New Jersey, Co-Director, Regional Perinatal Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Hear about a real-life example of a CUSP team in a neonatal ICU and how they used the CUSP framework to combat bloodstream infections.

Apply CUSP: Addressing Challenges and Barriers with a Premortem Tool
Della Lin and Pat Posa
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Understand the Premortem tool, which helps teams build intuition and sensitivity to where future problems may occur.

Breakout Session: Implementation and Action Planning
Barb Edson
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Understand the importance of planning next steps.

Putting the Pieces Together: Learning from a Defect in Action
Pat Posa
Video (.mp4)
Understand the importance of developing a charter for action once defects are identified.

Preparing for the Future
Barb Edson
Video (.mp4) | Slide Presentation (.ppt)
Learn about a framework and themes for teams to consider as the project closes and they move forward into sustainability.