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State Lead Manual and Tools

State Lead Operation Manual

The purpose of this manual is to help State Leads successfully manage implementation of On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI. The manual is intended for individuals who coordinate and manage the initiative at the state level, and it is organized by the four phases of the project life cycle: Start-Up, Planning, Execution, and Sustainability. This manual describes the responsibilities and activities of State Leads during each of the four project phases, and the tools contained in the manual are categorized by: project orientation, recruitment and project management. At the end of each section is a one-page checklist to be used to track completion of each task in each phase of work.

State Lead Operation Manual (.doc)

Phase 1 Tools

1.2 State Project Charter (.doc)
1.3 State Lead CAUTI Action Plan (.doc)
1.4 ED Improvement Intervention Fact Sheet (.doc)
1.7 SHA Commitment Letter (.doc)
1.8 State Consortium Member Worksheet (.doc)
1.9 Hospital CEO Commitment Letter (.doc)
1.10 Hospital Recruitment Fact Sheet (.doc)
1.11 CAUTI Data Use Explanation (.doc)

Phase 2 Tools

2.1 CAUTI Readiness Assessment (.pdf)
2.8 Informational Presentation on the ED Improvement Intervention (.ppt)
2.9 Understanding the ED Improvement Intervention Framework (.ppt)
2.10 State Lead Planning Checklist (.doc)
2.11 Hospital Unit Action Plan (.doc)
2.12 CAUTI Unit Team Commitment Form (.doc)
2.14 ED Comprehensive Data System Registration Form (.xlsx)
2.16 Glossary of Project Meetings & Calls (.doc)
2.17 Hospital Project Team Info Sheet (.doc)
2.18 ED Nursing Education Presentation from ENA (.ppt)
2.19 ED CDS Data Quick Guide Tutorial (.ppt)

Phase 3 Tools

3.2.1 Sample Coaching Call Agendas (.doc)
3.2.2 Sample Coaching Call Email Update (.doc)
3.3 Coaching Call Faculty Request Form (.doc)
3.6 Coach Job Description (.doc)
3.7 Care Counts Quick Guide for CAUTI Reports (.doc)
3.8 CAUTI MHA Care Counts User Manual-June_2011 (.pdf)
3.10 CAUTI Sample Press Release (.doc)
3.11 Unit Progress Tracker (.doc)
3.12 Appropriate Urinary Catheter Use in the Emergency Department (.pdf)
3.15.1 ED Algorithm #1 (.doc)
3.15.2 ED Algorithm #2 (.doc)
3.16 CAUTI Data Collection Tool (.xls)
3.17 Interpreting CAUTI Data Trends Tool (.xls)
3.19 Learning Session Evaluation (.xls)
3.21 CAUTI State Lead Monthly Status Report (.doc)

Phase 4 Tools

4.5 Learning Session #3 Planning Checklist (.doc)
4.9.1 High Outliers Intervention Tool (.xlsx)
4.9.2 High Outliers Intervention Tool Instructions (.doc)
4.9.3 Back to Basics Checklist (.doc)
4.13 QI and Change Management Presentation Template (.ppt)
4.14 Template Internal Newsletter Article (.doc)
4.15 Sample Poster on Infection Reduction Program (.pdf)
4.18 Improvement Project Spread Process Inventory (.doc)
4.19 Unit Team Volunteer Form (.pdf)
4.20 State Lead Transition Primer (.doc)