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Onboarding Calls

CAUTI Acute & ED Informational Webinar

Unit Team Orientation

Cohort 7 Onboarding Calls Cheat Sheet (.xls)

Cohort 8 Onboarding Calls Cheat Sheet (.xls)

Onboarding Call Series

Onboarding Webinar #1: Building a Team and a Process to Reduce CAUTI Risk
April 8, 2014: Slide Presentation (.ppt) | Recording (.mp3)

Onboarding Webinar #2: Outcome Data: Application of NHSN CAUTI Criteria*
April 22, 2014: Slide Presentation (.pptx)

Onboarding Webinar #3: Care Counts Data Entry and Report Training*
May 7, 2014

Onboarding Webinar #4: HSOPS Training*
May 20 and May 22, 2014

Onboarding Webinar #5: Assess and Adapt: Understanding the Science of Safety and Reliability*
June 3, 2014

ED Onboarding Webinar #6: Reducing Unnecessary Urinary Catheter Use in the Emergency Department: Why and How to Implement the Process
June 18, 2014


*For previous presentations and recordings, please see the respective call title below in the Onboarding Archive.

Onboarding Call Archive

The CAUTI ED Improvement Intervention
Presentation (.ppt) | Recording (.mp3) | Transcript (.doc)

Application of NHSN CAUTI Criteria
Slide Presentation (.ppt) | Recording (.mp3)

Care Counts Data Entry and Reports
Slide Presentation (.ppt) | Recording (WebEx)

HSOPS Training
Slide Presentation (.ppt) | Recording (WebEx)

Assess and Adapt: Understanding the Science of Safety and Reliability
Slide Presentation (.ppt)  | Recording (.mp3)

CUSP: Taking a Closer Look
Slide Presentation (.pdf) | Recording (.mp3) | Transcript (.doc)

The Essentials of Data
Slide Presentation (.pdf) | Recording (.mp3)